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Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel unique and beautiful, instantly. Belisma defies the notion of charm and perfection and strives to create a stunning ensemble that celebrates the individuality and spirit of women. ‘Belisma’ means something that is irresistibly beautiful and hence every piece of our jewelry has an enchanting story to tell, a story of of love, commitment and joy. Our premium designer jewelry collections are detailed with ornate craftsmanship fashioning luxurious and intricate designs.We ace in creating boldly stunning and sensuous pieces with special focus on bespoke jewellery, where we redefine and redesign our pieces to turn our client’s aspiring vision and possibility, into livable reality.

At Belisma, we believe in bestowing elegant timeless pieces to our visionary clients and offer them jewellery that will become a part of heritage and keepsakes.

Any enriching journey is often embarked by visionaries who have the foresight, commitment and dedication to turn it into reality. The Visionary behind Belisma is Ritu Seth. She pioneers in drawing inspirations from nature, heritage artefacts, vintage artworks, embroideries, ancient engravings, sculptures and decorative objects et al. Every inspiration translates into a story which is also reflected in our brand aesthetics, promotions and campaigns. The stories are linked to strong design ideas that then find their way on our drawing boards and then become our signature pieces. Our stringent quality control is reflected in the painstaking and articulate detailing and unflinching love that yields pieces of royal taste and flair.

At Belisma, we deliver an exquisite blend of traditional mystique and contemporary glamour, creating jewellery pieces that tell a story of it’s own.

Ritu Seth

Managing Director & Founder

Ritu Seth is a jewellery designer by profession but an artist at heart, whose first love is to seek inspirations from all the places considered platitudinous by a commoner – sculptures, buildings, poetry, prose and everything soulful between the Sun and the Moon. It's her undying passion to translate such inspirations into intricate pieces of jewellery that results in designs that tell its own tale. Her designs are aesthetically distinctive and draw its charm from the beautiful things that she cherishes. To satiate her messianic zeal for creation of jewellry, she keep herself involved in the whole process, right from the inception of ideas to the exquisite artistry. Her uniquely rich taste lets her envision a range of timeless pieces that possess a soul of its own and is quite clearly reflected in her collections at the boutique space. Her constant urge to assimilate and be updated with every aspect of fashion and trends helps her deliver best at her work.

Ritu pursued her passion from IDI (Indian Diamond Institute), where with various certificates and degrees like - Manual Jewellery Design Certificate, Diploma in Diamond Valuation, and Certificate in International Techniques for Diamond Grading, etc., she added feathers to her crown. Her eight years of experience and constant arduous efforts helps her mould designs and perspectives to create something extravagance. She keeps attending various renowned events like Basil Show and travels all around the world to seek the best inspirations possible. Successful exhibitions, professional recognition and rave reviews have motivated Ritu Seth to start “Belisma”, her flagship jewellery boutique, that holds the vision to deliver the stylish and unmistakable jewellery that unites sophisticated glamour with delicate femininity. She harnesses her unique and inimitable style in designing each piece of jewellery which enhances the aesthetics and delivers signature pieces. Her motto is to create each jewel as a masterpiece that is individually tailored for the client’s desire with bespoke service. She believes, being a Jewellery Designer, her biggest reward is achieved in seeing her client’s satisfaction and pleasure that they derive from owning her jewellery. Browse through her meticulously created and assembled collections to understand her body of work and feel how soulful jewelry adorns the elegance of a woman.

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